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Bangladesh Glass Merchant Association

Association Meeting
Bangladesh Glass Merchant Association is a non-political, organization. This organization is formed with all kinds of glass, looking glass, mirror, designed glass manufacturer, including Thai glass and Thai Decoration organization and glass related businesses man.

Association established unity, fellowship, cooperation attitude, discipline and sincerity among the members of the Glass Merchants. It also solves misunderstandings, business/trade information exchange problems.

Association always tries to resolve disputes through arbitrage with appropriate authorities concerning the disagreements and problems of any member of the organization with any other members.

Members of Association
The number of members of the Association shall be unlimited.

Members of the class division
According to the rules of the organization act no. 1, the owner / company / firm and an institute will consider as a member.

Membership Application
Glass Business Owners in the Constitution, in accordance with the statutory rules may be a member of the association. But any person directly or indirectly involved in corruption or crime, cannot be a member of the Shamity. The candidate for the post of membership of the association shall be subject to payment of membership admission fee, annual subscription fee.

Eligibility for Membership

  • This organization is all kinds of glass, looking glass, mirror, design glass makers, Thai glass and Thai decoration firm and any person and organization engaged with glass related business, shall be eligible to be a member depending some terms and conditions, mentioned in the Association’s memorandum.
  • The owner of the glass business should have the certificate, trade license, TIN, VAT clearance.

Admission fees and donations
General membership fees 1,000 / - (one thousand), and the annual fee is 1000 / - (One thousand

Effective Selection Committee
All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for two (2) years from the members of the electoral lists.

The Board prepare a final list of voters from the valid member of the Association, only the listed person in the voter list shall have the right to vote .

Application Form
Click to download Application form.